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O.S.K.A. was formed in 2010 and is a non-profit, non-political self-governing body affiliated to the Traditional Karate Great Britain (T.K.G.B.).

O.S.K.A. train in Shotokan Karate which is a system of unarmed combat in which the participants use kicking, punching, striking and defensive movements. Shotokan Karate is a Japanese martial art and differs from many westernised versions of Karate because it remains true to traditional values.

Chief Instructor

Sensei Mark Blencowe Sensei Mark Blencowe started training in Martial Arts in 1973, studying various forms of Kung Fu and fought at the National Kung Fu Championships. He joined the S.S.K.A. in 1998 in order to study Shotokan Karate and became an approved instructor in 2004. In 2009 he left the S.S.K.A. to form the Oxfordshire Shotokan Karate Association (O.S.K.A.) and was welcomed into the TKGB. He became a member of the TKGB Executive Committee in March 2012.

Traditional Karate Great Britain

Tradidional Karate Great Britain Their mission is to act as a non-prescriptive body for Okinawan and Japanese traditional styles of karate throughout Great Britain by offering services based on promoting and supporting high standards. They encourage nationally recognised standards within the practice and study of traditional karate by facilitating good services for the British traditional karateka, thus empowering and supporting individuals, clubs and associations to continually strive for proficient standards through safe and competent practice.

O.S.K.A. is affiliated to the Traditional Karate Great Britain (TKGB) and all certificates issued by O.S.K.A. are from the T.K.G.B.