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Traditional Karate Great Britian
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Club Rules

1. Bow to instructors when you address them and use sensei
2. Arrive at dojo at least 10 minutes before the lesson starts
3. Bow when entering or leaving the dojo
4. Notify instructors if you are unable to train or may be arriving late for a lesson
5. Any member arriving late must take up a kneeling position at the entrance to the dojo and await permission from the instructor before joining the class
6. If a student needs to leave the dojo during the lesson, they must raise their hand and ask permission from the instructor. On returning they must take up the kneeling position at the entrance to the dojo
7. Wear a clean and ironed gi (suit) or loose fitting comfortable sports clothes if you do not have a gi
8. Bring enough water for the duration of the lesson
9. Remove all jewellery before commencing training
10. Keep finger and toe nails short
11. Members must not use their skills in any offensive way outside the dojo
12. Train regularly if you wish to grade. A record is kept of how often members train